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July 18th, 2015

July 16, Dr. Johnny Lops: Reinvent Yourself

dr.+Johnny+LopsIf you grew up in Brooklyn, and then became a psychiatrist, you’d be a psychiatrist who has “seen it all,” offering no-nonsense advice about taking control of your life and maximizing your potential. This IS the description of my guest for this week on Full Power Living, Dr.reinvent yourself dr johnny lops Johnny Lops. The former team psychiatrist for the Brooklyn Nets, a marathoner, and a professional actor, Dr. Lops offers 11 practical skills for turning your life around. Take this opportunity to hear some real-world advice, as well as to talk directly with a psychiatrist who will have some time for you!

I once gave a lecture on Anger to a group of psychiatrists in training in San Francisco. In my lecture, I remarked that I saw myself as essentially the same as the people I helped, except I walked a block or two ahead of where they were walking when it came to understanding myself and human behavior. The young psychiatrists objected, saying they didn’t see themselves as “the same” as the people with whom they worked. One even said that he saw no connection between the changes he made in himself and what he did as a psychiatrist! What a blessed relief to have a psychiatrist who sees himself as a “fellow traveler”! And he’s written a book, too. I’m so excited to talk with Dr. Johnny Lops about all he has learned as a human being. Join us? Click here to visit Dr. Lops’ website!

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