Green Living–Living Lightly on the Earth with Jim Motavalli – Emotional Pro

August 2nd, 2005

Jim Motavalli has been writing on "green" topics for many years. He is the editor of E and author or editor of three books on "Clean Transportation" and Climate Change. He discusses topics considered in his new book, Green Living, including Ecotraveling, socially responsible investing, organic gardening and renewable energy and smart conservation. He provides practical tips for living healthier, more eco-friendly lives for ourselves and future generations.

Segment 1: Green Living, What’s It All About and Why Do It?

Americans comprise 4.5 percent of the world’s population, yet use 33 percent of its resources. While most of us are interested in conserving and preserving our earth, we don’t always know what we can do, or whether one person or one family doing something makes any real difference. Jim Motavalli talks about natural foods, "Slow Food" and where we can obtain affordable natural foods. He also tells us how to read the code on fruit, to determine whether it is organic, conventionally grown or genetically modified.

Segment 2: Emotional Issues Related to Green Living

"When you paint your nails, you can pick your poison." So it is said in Green Living, E/Magazine’s newest book edited by Jim Motavalli, our guest. What to look out for in purchasing cosmetics and personal care products. Eco-tourism, eco-friendly laundry and a discussion of "loving our Earth, so it’s free to love us back"!

Segment 3: Transportation and American Cars

Jim’s specialty is "clean cars;" and he gives us a good explanation of things we can do to make our methods of transportation kinder to the earth. Hear his discussion of PZEV’s and hybrids, and about mass transit. How hybrids help with emissions during highway gridlock. Jim’s reminder to us that "living green" is more affordable than we think, will not take us back to the middle ages regarding convenience, and will definitely help our earth, one person at a time!


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