Emotional Value and Branded Customer Service with Janelle Barlow – Emotional Pro

April 26th, 2005

Continuing with our focus on emotions in business, we’re talking with Janelle Barlow about that mysterious frontier where "emotional intelligence meets the experience economy." How fast can a business lose business if it doesn’t take its customer’s emotional reactions to their experiences with businesses and service providers? She’ll discuss ideas from her new book, "Branded Customer Service," interlaced with ideas from her previous book, "Emotional Value." Scott McCain, Vice Chairman of Obsidian Enterprises calls her new book "TheBible of Branding

Segment 1: Emotional Value: What It Is
Emotions are being recognized, increasingly, as a vital element of doing business. What this actually means, for example, in a medical/doctor setting and what it takes for people to be caring and empathetic in their jobs. Why staff in businesses need to be empowered for decision-making.

Segment 2: Empathy, Intimacy and Loyalty in Business
Now we focus on three emotions particularly important in developing and maintaining a good relationship between customer and business: empathy, intimacy and loyalty. Janelle also talks about how every industry tends to evoke a different emotion and gives examples. She tells a personal story of poor customer service that has been destructive to her brand loyalty.

Segment 3: "Promises" and Branded Customer Service
A current "brand promise" of Kaiser Permanente and what it might take to fulfill that brand promise. How Branded Customer Service works and why it is important for the future. How customers rely on products and services from businesses, balancing the reliance of those businesses upon the brand loyalty of customers. Janelle Barlow’s key role in these business changes.

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