Farewell to High School, Hello to College and Independent Life – Emotional Pro

August 23rd, 2005

A group of teens, boys and girls, recently graduated from Albany High School in Albany, California (San Francisco Bay Area) gather to discuss their high school experience, their feelings about leaving home, their preparation level and their dreams for college and beyond. High Schoolers today are learning enormous amounts of material, face incredible competitiveness for scholarships and places in American colleges, and have less free time than ever. Listen to this high-achieving group, all of whom are soon to leave for college, as they face this major life transition

Segment 1: What Has High School Really Been Like?
Six top students recently graduated from Albany High School in Albany, California (Bay Area), discuss their individual experiences, revealing lots about a typical modern suburban high school. Besides "fun," what terms are most often used to describe their experience, do you suppose? Discussions of homework volume, studying for tests versus studying for the joy of learning and the effects of college admission competitiveness on today’s responsible teens.

Segment 2: Ode to Friends and to Parental Involvement

How important do you think serious students find their parent’s involvement, and what effect does it have on them? Our teens discuss this important aspect of high school life, as well as the influence of the support of their friends. Character and Respect are also discussed in this segment, as well as the importance of–and problems around–involvement in extracurricular activities. All of our students are ardent Jazz musicians.

Segment 3: Dreams and Hopes
Want to know what modern, thoughtful high school graduates dream of doing with their lives? You may be surprised at their altruism. Separating from home–during high school and now, to go to college. Hear what these caring young people hope to glean and experience from their first year in college. Our thanks to Chris, Robin, Max, Demetri, Sara and Tim. We wish them every success in this new segment of their lives, and invite them to come back next year to tell us what their first year in college has brought to them!

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