It's Your Life: Who's In Charge? with Neil Fiore, Ph.D. – Emotional Pro

May 3rd, 2005

There are five areas in which most people struggle–stress, inner conflict, self-criticism, overwhelm and struggle. Dr. Neil Fiore’s "It’s Your Life" process, developed as he battled a "terminal" diagnosis with cancer at age 32, successfully takes you to safety, choice, focus, presence and connection, instead. Fiore discusses how this is done, through transitioning from the ego to the larger Self, putting you in a leadership position in your own life. He helps people get into the "zone" of their own lives!

Segment 1: Finding the "Larger Self" for Inner Peace
Dr. Fiore talks about his own battle against cancer, 30 years ago, that led him to develop the "It’s Your Life" process for taking a leadership role in your own life. He explains what causes people to feel out of control of their own lives and how shifting from "ego" to "larger Self" leads to Inner Peace. He calls Inner Peace the ultimate success.

Segment 2: The Four Steps for Taking Charge of Your Life

Dr. Fiore follows our philosophy, paying attention to what he wants to become, not to what he wants to overcome. He tells listeners the four steps for taking charge of one’s life, how the "It’s My Life" process deals with so-called "negative emotions," and how to constantly move toward being the choice-maker in your own life.

Segment 3: Your Internal "Board Meeting"

How would you make the decision regarding "chemotherapy or no chemotherapy" if you had been told you had a year to live and had outlasted this diagnosis by 6 months? Dr. Fiore held a "board meeting" with the different parts of himself, listening to objections, fears and concerns, while staying solidly in his "larger Self," both protecting and leading his various internal factions. He inspires us to honor our "Dictator," while also allowing him/her to take his/her rightful place at the Board Table!

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