Keriac on Dance Performance as Life Transformation – Emotional Pro

February 8th, 2005

When you sit in an audience at a performance, everybody is watching the same show. But does everyone SEE the same show? While you are sitting there, being part of the contrived "community" of the show, something different goes on inside of each member of that audience. Find out what this is as Keriac, internationally-recognized dance and performance teacher, discusses the most profound things she has learned in 40+ years of dance.

Segment 1: Dance Performance creates Community
Besides fun, why people dance! The three mutually-dependent "territories" of dance. How dance performance works to transform the artist. How dance performance creates "community" with the audience. The importance of motion to human lives.

Segment 2: Dance Performance Transforms Audiences

Every person in the dance performance audience observes the same dance; but each has a different experience of the dance. Why this is, what people really get from performance. Keriac’s most powerful learning from 40 years of dance performance around the world.

Segment 3: Dance Illustrates Intimate Relationship

Dependence, Independence and Interdependence. Keriac and host Ilene Dillon discuss the lessons of a conjoint class featuring Contact Improvisation Dance and Principles Governing Intimate Relationships they did together. Tribute to Keriac, who recently gave "The Last Dance," in which she described herself as "The Cancer Dancer."

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