Energy Medicine and Healing with Water, with Guest Carol Keppler – Emotional Pro

August 30th, 2005

Guest Carol Keppler and host Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., explore the world of Energy Medicine and Healing with Water! Blending intuition, kinesiology and research technology, Keppler explains and demonstrates how she conducts scans, what she offers to help people maintain homeostasis, and her understanding of how we can increase our lifespan through cellular cleansing.

Segment 1: Energy Medicine Defined
Keppler explains different types of energy medicine, and then specifies the form she utilizes. Describing a research pathway stretching from Russia to Germany and Japan and into the United States, Carol explains the technology of using "structured water" (water with a memory!) infused with the energies of herbs as her method for removing toxins from the body

Segment 2: "Youthing," Cellular Cleansing and "Magic Drops"

Research indicates our cells can go on "forever" when they are kept properly cleaned. Listen as Carol Keppler explains how the buildup of toxins causes us to become ill and old, and how to accomplish deep cellular cleansing. She includes the three things that scar the cell walls and keep them for being available to repair. Hear her fascinating response to the question: "If we’re in ‘earth school’ and illness provides us lessons, what happens to the lessons when the illness is averted?"

Segment 3: Repair Loops, Body Scans and Pure Water

When bodies become acidic, they don’t heal as well, blocking repair. Keppler explains "repair loops" and then does an on-air body scan of 28 year old Jon, a caller. We also talk about water–how much water is enough to drink? Carol Keppler tells all.

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