The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth. with Marc Rudov – Emotional Pro

August 16th, 2005

Many guys don’t like to buy "self-help" books because doing so feels like a sign of weakness. Knowledge is power! Women like power. The greater your ability to manage your relationship with her, the happier you’ll be. If she’s the right woman for you, she’ll be happier, too. Don’t miss his wise words and careful instruction that promises to improve your relationship, no matter on which "side" of the relationship you occupy!

Segment 1: The "Basics According to Rudov" for Selecting Dating/Relationship Partners
Marc Rudov explains why he believes men are NOT from Mars and women are NOT from Venus! Instead, he talks about the things both sexes seek in intimate relationships and how our socialization process sets us all up not to get them. Emphasizing that men need to know themselves before they can have a good relationship, Rudov presents "The Women’s Map of Men," explaining the types of things some women seek and why a man may not want to opt to fill those expectations or desires.

Segment 2: Emotions and Seduction: What Does It Take?
Internal authenticity, that’s what it takes to be a "Disarming Charmer," according to Rudov. We talk about open communication, childhood wounds and hangups, and abusive/destructive/self-destructive behavior. Rudov talks about how the things he writes apply to both men and women, along with his hope that women create the opportunity to overcome their early socialization and programming, too, and thereby develop more satisfying relationships.

Segment 3: Rudov’s Ten Commandments

Expectations and demands (even hidden ones) are very important in relationships of all kinds. Marc explains why men and women should not make demands on each other that we wouldn’t make on ourselves, or accept demands from the other that s/he wouldn’t place on him/her self. How to gauge the future of a relationship? By it’s heartbeat, not its history or potential. Hear why.

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