Aug 1: Listen to Your Higher Self with Sonja Rechnitzer – Emotional Pro

August 1st, 2013

Daniel, Sonya Rechnitzer with their Son

Daniel, Sonya Rechnitzer with their Son

You are invited to a unique event occurring in lieu of our regular Full Power Living programming. We’re holding an hour long Q & A between you and your own Higher Self! Featuring Sonja Rechnitzer, who is currently in the US from Australia, you’ll be able to ask questions about your children, your body and health, your work, your relationships, your life purpose, and your “problems”–and get a direct answer from your own Higher Self. This one hour could be life changing for you. It was for me when Daniel shared beliefs I have carried since the age of 2 that were blocking me from my full earning capacity. 

We’ll have a full hour for you to get answers to your own vital questions, while experiencing this amazing level of awareness that is now available to everyone.We need you to be there, LIVE, to help us create this event!

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