July 17 Program Change: Special Healing Demo AND Q & A w/ Daniel Rechnitzer – Emotional Pro

July 13th, 2014

Daniel RechnitzerDaniel Rechnitzer has been starring in a television series, What Doctors Don’t Know, on which he has been working with seriously ill people and sharing with them what they need in order to be restored to health. The people on the show have run the gamut with Western medicine, and have not been cured. Daniel has been using this show to demonstrate what is possible when we work with Whole Brain Intelligence. (Watch for this show on television; date is still TBA)  As Daniel has said: “ We all come to this planet–a piece of this enormous mosaic here–to all knowing diarycontribute this immaculate genius. As we grow up we get layered upon with self-doubt, these limiting beliefs that hide or have us hold back this genius, this true gift. As we learn to see past this facade of who we thought we were, as we start tapping into who we really are, THAT is fulfillment: to offer up, to contribute our gift to ourselves to our family, and to the world. That is what life is about, absolutely, right now.” Lynette, Daniel Rechnitzer and Full Power Living are teaming up to share who we really are, showing you what is possible, and allowing Lynette to heal. Do Not Miss This Show!

Daniel is author of “The All-Knowing Diary” As time permits, Daniel will also answer questions from other callers, helping you by communicating with the Highest and Best Part of you, and giving you tailor-made responses.  Call in toll free:  888-498-0570. Call and receive the wisdom Daniel has for you. Your life will change.

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