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September 13th, 2007

Thanks so much for attending my teleseminar on September 13th entitled “Addressing Relationship Energy Drainers.”  Since we are updating the site, including our store, please go to Contact and leave me your name and e-mail address, along with any request you have, so I can get back to you.  Please keep in touch and tell me in what ways this information is useful to you in your personal, work and dating life!   Do stay and check out our radio archives and other offerings.  I look forward to talking with you again on November 8.  For anyone who is not familiar with this series, but would like to be, go to the Relationship Coaching Institute  and sign up!  —Ilene

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  1. jeanne geary says:

    Hi Ilene,
    I was a part of the seminar last night and thought it was very helpful; thank you so much. I asked the question about how to handle a boss who was an energy zapper. You mentioned the book “Bouncing Back.” It’s actually my bosses boss that is the energy zapper.
    I related in this seminar in that I thought of an ex who was a big time energy zapper/guy who liked to push my buttons, though the thing was that I let him; no more though. I remain single and am trying to be my best self in order to be in unity with my future partner.
    Thank you again Ilene.
    All my best-

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