December 02 Radio Show: Eco-Psychology – Emotional Pro

November 30th, 2010

How are the peace and harmony of your life, and your spiritual values, fostered by being in thriving and abundant habitats? How are they impacted by habitats that are suffering and polluted? We humans are born of and live in the midst of nature, yet how much do we think of nature or the wild animals who try to live around us? Just as humans affect the environment and other animals, human psychology is affected by environmental conditions, and are impacted consciously and subconsciously by animals. How does this happen? What is important for us to know about this mostly-unexplored situation? Find out when Valerie Harms, author of Dreaming of Animals and 8 other distinguished books on the topics of psychology and the environment, appears on Full Power Living, 9 a.m. PT December 2.

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