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October 26th, 2006

10/26/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Hardy Jones has dedicated many years of his life to our natural world, most especially to the dolphins and whales of our precious oceans. He’s done this through pictures and stories–by shooting movies of atrocities, tender moments between these sea creatures, life histories of whales that are now being protected but die because of pollution. He “defends” them with his camera and pen. He’s with us to ask for your help and tell you the scope of the problem.
Segment 1: From Human Consciousness to Dolphin Consciousness
Hardy Jones talks about how his exposure to Dr. John Lilly in the 1970’s took his interest on human consciousness into interest in dolphin consciousness, ultimately bringing him to the point of being A Dolphin Defender. He discusses how dolphins “bioaccumulate persistant organic pollutants” and what that does to them, and to us. Hardy speaks of his own mercury poisoning, too. He urges listeners to help stop barbaric fishing practices by signing up for his newsletter and/or action advisories at
Segment 2: How Hardy Jones Knows Dolphins Have Emotions!
Don’t go into the ocean and touch a female dolphin if you don’t want a group of angry males to gather around and yell (cack) at you! Listen to this story, as well as when Hardy Jones waxes poetic as he tells of his meeting with Chopper, a spotted dolphin he had not seen for nearly a decade. Jones explores the strong similarities between dolphins and humans, as well as their important differences. Hear his hilarious story of two dolphins practicing neurolinguistic programming with the photographers and then laughing about it!
Segment 3: Swimming Eye-to-Eye with a Sperm Whale and an Orca
At 6 foot 7 in height, Hardy Jones is taller than most humans. And then he swam, eye to eye, next to a sperm whale with whom he was making conscious contact! Listen as Hardy talks of his most joyous experiences as a conservationist and Dolphin Defender.

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