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April 19th, 2006

Lazaris says: “Before change, chaos; following change, chaos.” Turmoil, it seems, is part of change; and Life Learning requires change.
So, it’s Springtime. Traditionally we relate to this time of year as that of “planting seeds” for the coming year, hence we do Spring cleaning, sign up for classes in topics new to us, and make other changes. That’s what I’ve been doing lately, including digging in my garden and planting for the summer harvest. Here in Northern California we have had a MOST rainy season, making it easy to pull up the weeds. In addition to my veggies (I can’t seem to live a season without planting some: you can take the woman off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the woman…..), this year I have planted Oriental and Asian lillies, which are already over a foot tall. The iris we bought several years ago have begun their effusive blossoming. I love them, because I have planted them along the edge of our street, where they can be seen for at least two blocks, and they make huge blooms, each of which has an enticing, lovely smell!
Back to turmoil. Some years ago, a friend of mine suggested to me that I should think “globally” about fame. Largely reclusive, this did not appeal to me at all. I raged for a few days, asking the Universe why I couldn’t just send my material “out there” and not have to go myself. Over time, I saw the futility of this approach. The kind of things I talk about seldom spread like wildfire on their own. And why, did I suppose, that I have a talent for public speaking, for writing, for doing radio programs and for working with people? Another friend once wisely told me: “I don’t believe God wastes energy. All of your experiences will come together one day and be useful for you.” He was right. Hence, all those talents can’t be wasted, so I eventually agreed to go “out there” and allow fame to have its way with me. Now, I am doing it again. I’m writing a book, working to gain maximum publicity and exposure through the Quantum Leap program, etc. And with these changes, have come some turmoil–chaos.
And the learning is….? Love the chaos and the turmoil, for from it will come new things, new experiences, new lessons! Life is not lived merely to feel “safe.” Our greatest joys come from taking risks and making change, learning lessons. Roller coasters may be an interesting comment on the lives we lead. So many people LOVE the risk of roller coasters. Is it possible that stems from the fact that they take few real risks in their day-to-day lives? In a teleseminar I participated in recently offered by Robert Smith, the “No Money Down” real estate investor, he made the claim that success requires that we step outside of our comfort zone. And when we do, there is turmoil. If we welcome that as part of our process, we are likely to learn more and remain more balanced.

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