The Metamorphosis of Modern Medicine: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Emotional Pro

March 22nd, 2007

3/22/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Attention Baby Boomers! And everyone else! Even if you have been healthy all your life and are famous for non-attendance at annual checkups, what’s happening in medicine matters to you. Find out why a recent neurological surgeon’s meeting was vitally concerned about how to attract neurosurgeons to California (and why that is now difficult). It’s also true on the East Coast, but for a different reason. With a large proportion of injuries during service to Iraq being Traumatic Brain Injuries, will we have enough specialists–like neurosurgeons–to treat them? Listen!
The Training and Disappearance of Medical Specialists
Dr. Fink talks about differences in the way doctors are trained over the past 50 years, and what has happened with medical specialties (which taken up to 7 years MORE training) as time has progressed. He also talks about pneumoencephalography, a procedure that has been replaced by CT scans, and what has happened to the cost of finding out the information, then versus now.
Managed Care and Malpractice
Dr. Fink completes his discussion of Managed Care started in the previous segment, and talks about who, exactly, may be in charge of the medical care you receive! What about patient complaints that doctors don’t have enough time or care of them these days–what has caused this and what is the antidote? And what REALLY lies behind medical malpractice cases, most of the time? Are doctors less adept at at their craft, or is it something else? Dr. Fing gives specific things for patients (consumers?) to do if they feel they are not getting the best treatment for their particular medical issue.
Does the Internet Give Good Medical Knowledge–And What About Advertising?
Many people now do a lot of research about their medical issues on the Internet. Is this a good thing, or not? How can patients know whether the advice they obtain there is worthwhile? Dr. Fink recommends a couple of “find out if this is quackery” sites, along with sites that are good resources. And then, there is alternative medicine. Dr. Fink has a few things to say about it that you won’t want to miss. He ends by telling us that American medicine has become the best in the world. What we need now is a reform in the way that patients receive their treatment so that all people can receive the best that American medicine has to offer!

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