Stuff Your Turkey and Listen to Ilene Dillon Share 3 Powerful Lessons from 2006 – Emotional Pro

November 23rd, 2006

11/23/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Host Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., entertains you with powerful stories from her own life, illustrating how to work with the idea that we are all taking part in a Giant School (Earth), to which we have all come in order to learn and grow. Her book-in-progress, Born To Learn, informs the world about how this school is set up, how it runs, how lessons are created, tuition costs, and everything you want to know about graduation!
Segment 1: A New Person’s Partnership With the Earth
Ilene tells the story of the birth of granddaughter Amelia, whose slow journey down the birth canal left her with an apgar of 4. How she was enabled to recover from her challenging beginning, and what Ilene learned in the process, is the focus of this segment. With this story, Ilene illustrates some of the concepts from her book, Born to Learn.
Segment 2: The Lessons of a Very Alive Death
Ilene’s sister, world-famous dancer and dance instructor, Keriac, spent the last months of her life with Ilene. She did not put her head down to die until 36 hours before she left. Listen, as Ilene tells the incredible things she did during her final months of life, and what Ilene learned from this painful crisis that left her feeling, overall, good! Find out what “vibration” meant to Keriac! Listen to Keriac’s own show on these archives, in February of 2005.
Segment 3: Mana From Heaven
Did you ever want somebody to give you thousands of dollars? Ilene tells you the incredible story of how she created such an experience for herself, an especially incredible experience considering that her childhood equipped her to “think poor” and be in constant debt from age 12 to 52! Review Gregg Braden’s “ancient method of prayer,” as Ilene tells how she opened the door to this windfall, and what she plans to give her husband as part of receiving it!

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