Pathfinding: 7 Principles for Positive Living with Patricia Raskin – Emotional Pro

November 30th, 2006

11/30/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Patricia Raskin, author of Pathfinding: 7 Principles for Positive Living, discusses her seven principles, along with stories from her life and 25 years of media work that illustrate how to utilize those principles. Winner of The Circle of Excellence Media Award, Patricia explores with us the simple ways we can focus our minds and lives into the Positive.
Segment 1: The Genesis of Positive Living
Positive Living starts with a desire to get out or your current situation, then continues with a dedication to “believe in what you cannot see.” Patricia tells listeners about finding positive role models, developing a positive attitude, working with talents and gifts, and the 5 (now 6) P’s for success.
Segment 2: Using Your Imperfections to Perfect Your Life
Can you use your own imperfections to perfect your life? Patricia tells us how this is done, as well as what we need to do to move through fears, how to checkmate your ego (and why) and what’s so important about “making peace with the past.” She tells us to BE the person you’d like to meet!
Segment 3: Heritage and Miracles
Honoring your heritage is one of the Principles for Positive Living. You can develop your heritage with one simple loving action involving the elders in your family, which she describes. We also talk about miracles, big and small, and what expecting miracles does for us.

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