Awaken Your Strongest Self with Dr. Neil Fiore – Emotional Pro

November 16th, 2006

11/16/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Fiore describes how to ignite the new brain’s leadership capabilities to organize the multi-levels of one’s brain—the reptilian, the mammalian, and the primate. He shows you how to access the “new human brain,” located in the prefrontal cortex, to maximize efficiency and enjoy a sense of confidence and ease. Fiore reveals how to minimize and replace five major problem areas: stress and worry; procrastination and indecision; self-blame and lack of confidence; feeling overwhelmed and confused; and struggle and self-sabotage. Fiore announces that you no longer have to struggle from a limited sense of who you think you are. “You are more than your problems, your habits, or your emotions.”
Segment 1: How Do I Find My Strongest Self?
Dr. Fiore tells us that awakening our strongest self leaves us peaceful, centered and in charge, regardless of what is happening. He shares the four-step process for moving yourself to working from your Strongest Self, and how to shift from our week, overwhelmed self to our centered, larger than ego, Strongest Self, so that we become the Oprah or Tiger Woods of our own lives.
Segment 2: Qualities of the Vital, Effective Person
Dr. Fiore interviewed 100 crisis survivors, seeking to identify what allowed them to recover positively and rapidly. He tells us the 5 qualities they had in common (Safety, Choice, Presence, Focus and Connection), and encourages listeners to move to these behaviors as part of connecting with our Strongest Self. What’s the spiritual connection, here? Dr. Fiore explains!
Segment 3: How Your Strongest Self Can Benefit You!
Most people struggle unnecessarily because they limit their identity to only a small part of who they truly are, and Dr. Fiore explains why in this portion of Full Power Living. We talk about the power of FOCUS and INTENTION in creating a life free of anxiety and worry, one in which we are incredibly productive and take good care of ourselves and those we love.

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