Sept 10, Bryan Hubbard: The Untrue Story of You – Emotional Pro

September 4th, 2015

bryan-hubbard-author-philosopher1-300x300Through personal experience, my guest this week, Bryan Hubbard, learned that the ideas he had about who he was were actually leading him to experience his life as meaningless, which led to ten years of on-going depression. Bryan the-untold-story-of-you 
 says this can lead people to be depressed, addicted, have mood swings, or get angry with people around you, or just want to curl up in a ball and die. Bryan says: “When you stop living your untrue story, what’s left is magical and magnificent. It’s what you truly are.” Find out how to change “The Untrue Story of You” this Thursday!

Let us pose this question: Who Do You Think You Are?  Well, whoever it is, it may be causing you to be depressed, addicted or besieged by wild mood swings. Not necessary, Bryan Hubbard argues. Get to know the “real you” and your life becomes magnificent. “Magnificent” seems to be our word for the month. Listen and claim the magnificence that is there, waiting for you. Click here to visit Bryan Hubbard’s website!

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