Coping With Deployment: One Woman's Story – Emotional Pro

December 28th, 2006

12/28/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Sandra Garth is a mother and grandmother. When her son and daughter-in-law were deployed to Iraq and she took on the care of their two year old son, Sandra started to gain weight. Stating that she wanted to be fit and healthy by the time her son and daughter-in-law returned from Iraq, Sandra was chosen as one of five participants (from a field of over 7000 who applied) for help from Dr. Gupta and CNN’s New You Revolution, a lifestyle makeover program. Publicly proclaiming her intention to lose weight, just turned 50, Sandra reveals what she learned about her emotional eating patterns and what it took to “take it off and keep it off.” Sandra dropped 50 pounds and 32 inches. Listen to her remarkable tale!
Segment 1: Falling Apart At the Seams
What happens when a person pushes themselves, doesn’t pay attention to what they are feeling, and is forced to slow down–all the way to depression and overeating? Sandra Garth tells us of her struggle to develop self-love, develop humility, and lose weight–which she does very publicly through CNN’s New You Revolution! If you need to face your own internal demons, listen to what Sandra faced and how she began to turn things around after she found herself “falling apart at the seams.”
Segment 2: Keeping Motivated for The Long Haul
Sandra tells us all that she had to do in order to pay enough attention to herself–and give herself enough love–to turn illness, overweight and depression around without prescribed medication. As she became accountable to herself, she found herself listening to her “inner voice” and drawing on her faith, which allowed her to be still on the inside. Formerly afraid of what she would find on the inside, she reveals what she DID find!
Segment 3: Never Discount the Value of Doing Small Bits
Sandra tells us how she focused on the Full Power Living Motto (Pay attention to what you want to become, not to what you want to overcome) in order to achieve her goal of getting and staying healthy. In addition to consistency, she emphasizes that people should never discount the value of doing small bits of exercise during their day to create a real lifestyle makeover–without the aid of CNN!

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