Positive Recovery with Rich Friesen, M.A. – Emotional Pro

August 3rd, 2006

8/3/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
It’s inevitable. With so many people dissatisfied with the original AA model for recovery from alcoholism that causes people to identify as addicts, focus on what they want to overcome, and failure-prone because of its reliance on using sheer willpower to change, new models for overcoming addiction will emerge! Rich Friesen offers Positive Recovery, a fast-paced recovery program that guides people to examine their identity, values and beliefs, identify their automated responses (habits and “triggers”), and establish new behaviors that fit a new, chosen and expanded personal identity.
Segment 1: The Four Steps for No-hassle Cessation of Alcoholism
Positive Recovery, reports Rich Friesen, is part of the “next generation” of recovery programs, no longer focusing on “illness” and utilizing “will power” in order to recover. He talks about the 4 steps his multi-faceted program is designed to cover: personal identity, habits and triggers, self-sabotage and instituting new behaviors. Friesen’s focus is on attaining sobriety without struggle, including when a person is home alone.
Segment 2: Is Dealing with Emotions Necessary for Recovery?
Discussion of addiction’s “war between good and evil,” the importance of emotions, and how Positive Recovery makes emotions a “non-necessity” for achieving balance and getting in charge of your addictive behaviors. What “Engagement Circles” accomplish; and why each segment of the program is included.
Segment 3: Your Pain Can Be Healed
Self-mastery as the real goal of recovery, meaning that Postive Recovery students have the option of moving so far away from addiction that they don’t have to make alcoholism or drug addiction the primary focus of their lives. How Hypnotherapy is involved in the process of recovery in Friesen’s program; and “what works.”

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