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June 29th, 2006

6/29/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
A boy in an ordinary working-class family in Glasgow, Scotland, is grateful to reach age 17 without having his face disfigured by being beat up, as most young boys were. How did he get from there to working for IBM for 20 years, reaching Executive level? It has something to do with driving an imaginary car, dreaming world travel, and following his heart. But it took a diagnosis, at age 35, of hopeless affliction and degeneration, for him to put his childhood “dreaming” into high gear and use it to heal himself completely. McHugh tells you how to apply what he learned to the issues and problems in your own life, in Dreaming Your Way to Pain Free Living.
Segment 1: How Neil Discovered the Power of His Mind, and What Happened
As a small boy, Neil McHugh was so intrigued by driving a car (at a time when his family didn’t have one, or expect to get one) that he asked for a steering wheel and 3 blocks of wood for Christmas. Thus started Neil’s “dreaming.” He talks about the power of accessing one’s subconscious mind, something all of us can do.
Segment 2: Facing Emotions When Given a Hopeless Diagnosis
What emotions Neil McHugh had to face when he was diagnosed with a heriditary, hopeless spinal disease about which modern medicine could do nothing. And what did it take to face those feelings and move past them so he could move toward healing? This is what McHuge reveals in his simple, personal, self-revelatory style.
Segment 3: Techniques for Doing Your Own Dreaming
Want to create a different outcome in your life? Need better health? Need alternatives to what you have now? Neil McHugh says we all have them, but must desire enough and set up a system. He describes his and invites you to construct your own. He tells of four steps to make your own “dream” a reality.

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