October 17: Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dreaming Heaven; and Universal Intelligence Q & A 10-10:30, pacific. – Emotional Pro

October 18th, 2013

kelly sullivan waldenFour authors have come together to create a “Package” for making personal change. It’s amazing. Based on information from their journeys to dreaming heavenTeotihuacan, a pre-Columbian center of craft and commerce with a multicultural population, Kelly and her cohorts have created a documentary film, workbook, book, guided meditations and original music to help us transform! In the last year, there has been an explosion of authors and Light Workers offering products to help us evolve quickly and completely, in order to Transform at this time of light-speed Transition. Kelly Sullivan Walden and her colleagues are reaching out powerfully to everyone, whether you learn kinesthetically, visually, intellectually or through hearing. I’m looking forward to all I know we’ll all discover and the many positive changes that will result. 

Then, a special extended program brought Accessing Universal Intelligence Mentors Ilene Dillon and Deki Fox together for a special Q & A session with callers. Listen to the replay of this special session below.

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