October 24: Dr. Katherine Kelly, Learning to Partner with Your Soul – Emotional Pro

October 24th, 2013

Consider this: what if you had little need for medical care, because you knew how to keep yourself healthy by enlisting the aid of your own Soul? When you have a balanced life that is in harmony with your soul, you can heal, maintain health and cultivate your soul’s full expression (life purpose!). Dr. Katherine Kelly has created a system that works for those whose health is in decline, as well as for those who think they are “just fine.”  Join me for this conversation, one that will help you discover how to design your personalized “Soul Health Plan” for both the creation and maintenance of your ultimate soul health. I’m looking forward to this talk! A life-long “Alternative Medicine” person who is married to a surgeon…..there are so many things I want to explore with Dr. Kelly!

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