Neil Fiore, Ph.D. on The Now Habit: Conquering Procrastination and Maximizing Productivity – Emotional Pro

February 15th, 2005

Almost everyone procrastinates, at least on some things. Psychologist Neil Fiore, Ph.D., discusses the “three fears of procrastination,” methods for tapping our “innate motivation and curiosity about learning,” and procedures for strengthening oneself against our “inner critic.” In keeping with the theme of the program, Fiore focuses on what listeners can do to overcome procrastination, including new ways to talk to themselves when encountering inner blockages, and how to move past early learning.

Segment 1: What Causes Procrastination, and What Is It?
Description of Procrastination as learned behavior motivated by fear of failure, of being imperfect, of impossible expectations and of judgment about who you are. Procrastination as a coping mechanism.

Segment 2: Self-sabotage, Worry, Choice & Using the Language of

How resentment and feeling victimized "feed" procrastination. Self-sabotaging language. How to talk to yourself in order to tame procrastination. "The Work of Worrying," and the "language of Producers." The 5 statements people make that lead to procrastination. Importance of Choice, and how to use choice to change away from the habit of procrastination.

Segment 3: Going from Procrastination to Producer to Being in Charge

Resilience and Hardiness as characteristics of Productive People (Producers). Achieving the "Flow State" of peak-performing athletes. Dr. Fiore’s newest area of inquiry and writing: "It’s Your Life, Who’s In Charge." "Ego" and "task" divisions of human thoughts.

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