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February 22nd, 2005

Overcome rejection! Dr. Savage addresses such important areas as the effects of old hurts and rejection messages, and offers effective strategies for “turning stumbling blocks into building blocks” in taming the human affliction of rejection. Savage discusses how to identify negative beliefs and the source of negative recurring patterns, then offer proven methods for overcoming them! Elayne Savage holds a Ph.D. in family psychology and is a communication coach and internationally respected expert on rejection and taking things personally. She draws on over 25 years in coaching, consulting, and clinical experience. A member of the National Speakers Association, she is a sought-after workshop leader, trainer, and consultant for a broad range of clients. Dr. Elayne Savage is the author of the internationally acclaimed "Don’t Take It Personally! The Art of Dealing with Rejection"(now published in six languages) and "Breathing Room" (New Harbinger Publications.) A popular media guest and media expert, she is widely quoted in national and international magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio.

Segment 1: What do you mean, "Don’t take it personally"?!
What’s the connection between taking things personally and feeling rejected? Who needs to make changes, and why? How we develop beliefs that lead us to experience even more rejection!

Segment 2: Beliefs, Choices, Anger, Resentment & Connections with Others
How to work with beliefs you hold regarding rejection. The role of anger and resentment, based on feeling rejected or taking things personally, in keeping us distant from those we love. Skills and techniques for curtailing rejection, especially making everything a choice.

Segment 3: Needs vs neediness; "Rejecting Rejection"

People who experience rejection often have difficulty 1) identifying what they want; 2) differentiating between neediness and needs. Elayne Savage, Ph.D., discusses ways out of this dilemma. How empathy can move us out of feeling personally rejected.

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