Dec 17, Carolyn Hobbs: Self-Compassion, Compassionate Listening and Forgiveness – Emotional Pro

December 12th, 2015

hobbsCarolynDo you show yourself compassion, including during the Holiday Season? Do you have mercy on your body, your wallet, your family and your own mind? How important is self-compassion to you—especially during the Holidays? Perhaps you, like so many Free Yourself Carolyn Hobbspeople, will face relatives or friends this season who have hurt, violated or abandoned you in the past. What’s the relevance of Forgiveness to you regarding these people? Finally, are you able to listen to others compassionately? (Yourself, too!) Carolyn Hobbs assists us in our journey by talking with us about the Life Changing Powers of Your Wise Heart. There is no better time to look at self-compassion, compassionate listening and forgiveness than now. Bring your stories and share with us, too.

Are You Listening Compassionately? We all need empathy and compassion. The best person to receive this from, of course, is our own self! Carolyn Hobbs returns to Full Power Living to help us develop special “Holiday Skills” that can make our holidays more complete and fulfilling, and improve the quality of our lives. 9 am PT on Thursday!

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