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April 7th, 2016

Apr 7, Dr Toni Luisa Rivera: How to Listen to Your Body’s Whispers

Toni RiveraLarry Dossy, MD, author of One Mind, says there is an unquenchable healing potential that is inherent in everyone. Dr. Toni Rivera’s account of how she uncovered deeply hidden pain in herself, using her body’s messages to heal her own life, is what we’re discussing on this week’s show. Dr. Toni shares her own journey of becoming able to allow her injury to transform into gifts she offers the world. She also gives exercises that can allow you to discover your own wisdom and healing. Instead of continuing to suffer from early childhood emotional pains (that may now be revealed through physical pain), discover how to transform those pains into effective living!

How to Move from Injury to Insight: Prior to the age of three, I was not well cared for by my young mother, living alone with two little girls during World War II.  My sister and I roamed our Fort Worth, Texas, neighborhood, often hungry, unwashed and unclothed. Because of this poor care, when he returned from the Pacific Theater in 1946, our single-father won legal custody of two little girls. What kinds of emotions, scars and impact does such experience have on the formation of the adults those kids grow into? Even more importantly, what do we need to do to heal from those things so we can have productive and satisfying lives? In many cases, how do we even know such things occurred, so we know to look for the emotional damage we have experienced? Toni Luisa Rivera uncovered wounds from her less-than-four-year-old self. She’s telling us how she found them, worked with them and healed them. Then, she’s sharing how we can do the same for ourselves. I’ve healed most of my early wounds, I think. I’m eager to find out how to heal more! Click here to visit Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera’s website!

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