Healing Rage, with Ruth King, M.A. – Emotional Pro

March 29th, 2005

Jack Kornfield says “King has articulated the painful history, patterns and traps of a raging heart and offers the skillful means for liberation in their very midst. This is revolutionary work.” Ruth King introduces rage as…the wisdom that helps us heal. In our continuing quest to understand and deal with the full continuum of anger, King appears on Full Power Living to help us understand RAGE. She will be discussing how to preserve the wisdom of rage and ease its destructive potential. Listeners will understand more about reducing the psychopathology of our age: aggression.

Segment 1: Introducing Your Inner Rage Child!
Most people have an "inner rage child." Who is s/he and where did s/he come from? King tells us that we need to stop ignoring and mistreating this Rage Child, remove her disguises and recognize the wisdom she has. The beauty of rage. Rage is the daughter of our trauma and the twin of our rage! King explains. Anger as a cover for Rage.

Segment 2: Identifying Rage’s Disguises and Inner Wisdom

The wisdom held in depression and distraction, which King calls "disguises of rage." How these disguises rob us of full living. King’s "Celebrations of Rage" that offer a safe place to release and begin to heal the Inner Rage Child.

Segment 3: Healing Rage, Techniques and Approaches

King shares processes and techniques used to heal rage. Sister Circles, Brother Circles and the importance of getting support from your community, the function of psychotherapy and the wisdom of bodywork to heal rage. Why rage "needs an audience!"

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