Native American Parenting & Wisdom – Emotional Pro

January 18th, 2005

Show host Ilene Dillon and Laura Ramirez discuss parenting options and behaviors when they are inspired by and developed in accordance with Native American concepts. Ramirez’s method helps parents "sweeten and deepen" their relationship with their children, while growing personally at the same time. This spiritually-oriented and ages-old approach to holding a Vision for your child and "polishing the turquoise" lifts parenting out of the ordinary and into the profound.

Segment 1
Creating a vision for your child’s life. Importance of getting to know your child’s essence. How parents allow fear to get in the way of parenting and what to do about it.

Segment 2
Ramirez tells the "3 R’s of Discipline" that lead parents to want to set limits and offer discipline to their children. The difference, in parenting, between "Love of Power" and "The Power of Love." How and why parents are "Keepers" of their children and the impact this notion has on parenting choices.

Segment 3

Cautions against teaching your child to be "nice." A unique definition of "nice" that shows how "being nice" gets in the way of being authentic. How this can damage children. Ways to develop authenticity in your children.

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