Futurist Gordon Michael Scallion Discusses Earth Changes and Human Emotion! – Emotional Pro

December 6th, 2005

It's a wonderful gift to have as guest Gordon Michael Scallion, who has appeared on national media with Art Bell and other hosts. Gordon Michael is a futurist who, along with his wife, Cynthia Keyes (also guesting on this program), heads up the Matrix Institute, which puts out a quarterly Journal, "Intuitive Flash," dovering forecasts of earth changes, economic events, technological discoveries, future and past history, and teaches readers how to move as smoothly as possible through these incredibly changing times. Gordon-Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes discuss "The Year of Fire," polarization, and our own search for spiritual meaning. This is a wonderful way to face the coming new year, so be sure to listen!

Segment 1: Who Is Gordon-Michael Scallion and Why Are So Many Things Happening in Our World Now?
After a brief introduction, Gordon-Michael talks about how he does his work (using polarization as an example), what's behind the natural disasters, epidemics, social challenges that we are facing in today's world. Trends for 2006 are identified and explained.

Segment 2: Fear, Social Changes and Wonder
Our focus is on emotions, especially the fear that comes up in us when we face new events and hear about tragedies. Cynthia Keyes talks about how focusing on internal fear works and what we can do. She also explains the "Mandala Experience" and the importance of maintaining and supporting our physical health. GM talks about the stage we are in, culturally and socially, in making the transition to the new world order he sees for us.

Segment 3: Human Thriving Through Consciousness and How to Raise Children in Today's World
As humans, we need to build levels of compassion and consciousness in order to bring the positive energy to ourselves that we need to transition to the new times facing us. Gordon-Michael discusses how this can be done. In answer to a caller's question, both Gordon-Michael and Cynthia talk about how new parents can work with their children so they can deal with the new world they face.

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