How to Meditate with Your Dog with James Jacobson – Emotional Pro

December 13th, 2005

Author James Jacobson wants to change us and our world, one dog/person couple at a time. He reports: The first time most people hear the title of my new book they smile. Or smirk. Or do a double-take. Then they realize that the book isn't a joke (although it is funny). I hear comments like: “It’s brilliant.” “Dogs are natural meditators.” “I guess I’ve been meditating with my dog for years—I just never called it that.” “Wow—what a great idea, how do I start?” How to Meditate with Your Dog is the book for any dog-lover who wants to de-stress, slow down, enjoy life more, have better mental focus, increase concentration and feel an overall sense of well-being. But that is just the beginning. The non-dogmatic form of meditation described in the book can change people’s lives forever.

Segment 1: From Omphaloskepsis to Dog Meditation
James Jacobson is a long-time meditator and meditation teacher who has been meditating with his own dog the past 12 years. He discusses how humans can benefit from visiting their dog's "Hound Lounge," what dogs gain from meditating, how one meditates with one's dog, and ways to work with "puppy mind" in ourselves. Oh, and he gives listeners a definition of "Omphasloskepsis," too!

Segment 2: Emotional Benefits of Dog Meditation, and How to Achieve Them
Dogs as meditation and intuition gurus. James outlines the main purpose of his book: to interest people in meditation. He believes it is the single most important thing we can do for our health and happiness. He talks about how it builds compassion and contentment, as well as the differences between meditation and prayer. "Meditation," he says, working all puns, "is the non-dogmatic approach" to spiritual development!

Segment 3: Dogs Meditating on Television
James tells us about his appearance on the Leeza Gibbons show, wearing a black suit and requested to work with a slobbering 150 pound dog! He announces his next book: How to Meditate with Your Cat, due out in May of 2006. How to achieve the "space between thoughts" and the impact it would have if 50 million people and their dogs learned to do that. The message he wants us all to remember? "Try it; just do it!"

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