Michael Edelstein, Ph.D. Discusses Three Minute Therapy – Emotional Pro

January 10th, 2006

Best-selling author Dr. Michael Edelstein draws on the rational-emotive therapy ideas of Dr. Albert Ellis to create simple self-administered exercises anyone can do to change the patterns of their lives. He leads the listener to a position where they can make themselves happy, instead of continuing to self-inflict pain. Whether you are worried, miserable due to money issues, procrastinating, unhappy in your marriage or overindulging, Dr. Edelstein’s simple exercises can set you free!

Segment 1: Three Minute Therapy: What IS It?
It’s not our childhoods or past painful relationships that create emotional problems in our lives, says Dr. Edelstein, it’s what we tell ourselves in the present, based on our beliefs, that creates our pain. Dr. Edelstein takes Ilene through her recent issue with procrastination, showing her how to approach her situation using Three Minute Therapy.

Segment 2: Emotions: Where They Come From & How to Work With Them
Psychotherapists usually delineate "appropriate" or "inappropriate" forms of anger, encouraging people to express "appropriate" anger and heal "inappropriate" anger. "Wrong," says Dr. Edelstein. How about setting things up so you don’t experience anger in the first place? And while you’re at it, are the only two ways to express anger either "rage" or being a "passive doormat"? Listen to Dr. Edelstein’s unusual approach to dealing with worry, anxiety and anger, which you can adopt and use to move on to new ways of behaving in your world, instead of sticking to the same old ways!

Segment 3: Addictions and Choice

A consultant for Smart Recovery, Dr. Edelstein takes issue with some of the most sacred tenets of AA. Ilene asks him head-on to describe what is different about his approach to addictive behaviors of all kinds. With a strong emphasis of transforming "musts" and "shoulds" into "preferences," Dr. Edelstein talks about how we can use personal choice to determine our reactions and behaviors in life.

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