Mastering Fear–Now! Tips and Principles for Mastering Fear in Your Life with Deki Fox and Ilene Dillon – Emotional Pro

November 29th, 2005

If you accept the notion that our earth is a "giant school," then you'll readily accept that recent and current events are drawing attention to "fear," encouraging us to gain mastery over this emotion as a way of improving the quality of everyone's life. This program gives specific tips, underlying principles and thoughtful reasons for addressing fear in ourselves whenever we learn about hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and terrorism. Our part of defeating "terrorism" is to eradicate our own vulnerability to fear.

Segment 1: What Fear is About; and Why We Need to Master it NOW!
What fear is, where it comes from, what it does, and what challenges fear offers us. Why some people are more fearful than others. What we mean by "working with fear." And we address the question whether it is possible to address fear immediately, so that it passes through and does not disrupt our lives.

Segment 2: Fear as Teacher

Ilene and Deki discuss how fear becomes our teacher, and how it goes about teaching us. We identify fear's opposite, which can be used in mastering fear. We talk about how terrorists are part of the "teaching staff" in today's world, offering citizens the opportunity to notice that "fear is up" and it's time for us to learn about and master fear so we can have breathing room in our lives!

Segment 3: Tips and Techniques for Mastering Fear, and How to Use Them
How singing works to help us master fear, along with the power of imagination in conquering fear. Belief in scarcity as a foundation for fear. The best tip in the world for mastering fear forever in your life, along with things you can do to help reduce the level of fear in people currently on our planet!

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