Alpha Presence: The Power of Absolute Engagement with Lee Glickstein and Rich Friesen – Emotional Pro

April 19th, 2005

Glickstein and Friesen say that "anyone can learn leadership" because leaders are made, not born. Through a revolutionary process called "Alpha Presence," they offer the abilities shared by all great leaders, broken down to manageable components and exercises that everyone can do. Glickstein warns that leadership is not a checklist of skills, but is about relationships, so learning Alpha Presence is both a radical and personal process. Prepare to "get personal" with the "Click and Clack of the Business World," Rich Friesen and Lee Glickstein!

Segment 1: The Power of Alpha Presence and Connection in Business

Alpha Presence teaches business people to be fully present, creating connection with others and reducing our need to make "effort" to connect. It also can improve your marriage! Hear how Alpha Presence training starts with a "train wreck" and how to allow your customers or clients to nurture you!

Segment 2: Emotions in Business; How They Can Block Connection
Two types of vulnerability! What facing fears, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and being authentic and human can do for your "bottom line." A simple behavior you can do to connect with the people in your life.

Segment 3: Accessing "the Genius of the Relationship" through Presence
How one fully present person joining with another fully present person moves to genius, and why we want to do that in our businesses (and life). For best results: give up efforts to control and stay present in each moment. How Alpha Presence teaches you to "reduce the work and increase the joy."

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