Dec 6 Radio Show:We’re Re-Defining Happiness with Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel! – Emotional Pro

December 6th, 2007

Guatama Buddha discussed the role of the mind in the pursuit of happiness through the practice of the eightfold path. Buddha said,”Mind is the forerunner of states of existence. Mind is chief, and (those states) are caused by the mind. If one speaks and acts with a pure mind, surely happiness will follow like one’s own shadow.
According to Jainism, happiness and blissfulness are natural states of the soul. We have all looked for happiness in our world, outside of ourselves.
Pete Siegel, hypnotherapist, leads us to look for happiness inside of ourselves, which is really the only place it can be “found.” Siegel’s approach gets happiness to “stick to your emotional bones!” Don’t miss the 16 aspects of self that you can count on, believe in and draw from in developing and maintaining happiness.
Peter C. Siegel, R.H., offers a new, self-detailed and reinforced model for personal happiness, coaching us all–like body builders–to reach our personal best. What great preparation for the coming New Year!

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