Freedom from "Bad Luck" with Pete Siegel – Emotional Pro

May 31st, 2007

06/31/07 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Pete Siegel is a top “peak performance” hypnotherapist, as well as a bodybuilder, an author, a “Guestpert” and a very confident person! Who could be better to talk with about “bad luck”? Even if you don’t believe you have it, or don’t believe in “luck,” get ready to learn about empowering yourself, reaching your goals, directing your life, and creating what you want for yourself, every day.
Segment 1: Is “Bad Luck” Real or Unreal? Pete talks with Ilene about whether “bad luck” is a real thing, what is its root cause, and the importance of mental (conscious and unconscious) focus. He also talks about how to “flip that bad luck”!
Segment 2: The Crucial Difference Between “The Privileged” and “The Ordinary” What’s the stand-out characteristic that is different if you are “rich and famous” versus “poor and ordinary”? Pete talks about what kind of thinking can stop “bad luck” in its tracks and tells listeners how to accomplish it.
Segment 3: Giving Power and Focus to What You Want Pete takes Ilene to task for her motto “Pay attention to what you want to become, not to what you want to overcome.” He discusses the level of intentionality needed to create the lives we want–the ones that are free of “bad luck.”

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