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November 28th, 2007

Hello to all of your Kaboose regulars who are visiting this site as a result of the front-page article on doing Community Service with your children!
We’re in the process of updating this web site, with our Store currently “under construction.” Please bookmark this site and return to visit mid-December! We’ll have The ABCs of Love, The ABCs of Anger, The ABCs of Loneliness and The ABCs of Fear, available as downloadable e-books, ready for you! These books, first published in 1994, give information, activities and wisdom in support of parents who are teaching their child(ren) how to develop a working relationship with their emotions.
If you are interested in Teleseminars, Ilene offers a Teleseminar on Anger Mastery with Your Children, with a new one starting in January. Leave a message on our Contact page if you’re interested in more information.
We also offer a variety of other Teleseminars, including Anger Mastery for Psychotherapists, Emotional Literacy, Conscious Parenting (redefining the “job” of being a parent), Protecting Yourself from Energy Drain, and Principles for Enlightened Living. Do let us know of your interest in these courses.
In the meantime, check in to our Internet radio program, Full Power Living, focused on “awakening the world to the power and potential of human emotions.” We take up residence in our new home, Ideocast, beginning December 6, 2007! More than 100 shows are archived there now, which you can listen to 24/7, including some wonderful conversations with Jim Fay, founder of the Love and Logic Institute (author of Parenting Your Child with Love and Logic), Randy Rolfe, author of The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents, and Laura Ramirez, author of Keepers of the Children, which outlines powerful Native American methods for parenting children.

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