Pete Siegel Presents "The Formula" for Manifestation – Emotional Pro

June 28th, 2007

Pete Siegel is a hypnotherapist and peak performance coach, author and bodybuilder who has been helping people in all walks of life create phenomenal manifestations–multimillion dollar contracts, new homes, peak athletic performance in the Olympics–for years. He has put his wisdom and knowledge into a short book, The Formula, that lays out the 7 organized steps you need to follow in order to manifest wonderful, highly desired things in your own life!
Segment 1: You Are An Extension of Other People’s Thinking! Pete tells us how we get our “subconscious programming,” how it works to block us from manifesting what we want, and the steps from The Formula we can use to unblock and start manifesting our desires and desired life.
Segment 2: Each of Us Is Responsible for Our Own Emotional Health And this really matters when it comes to manifesting. Pete tells listeners a life-changing thing to remember: “Every thing you have gone through in life (including all the “bad” stuff) is not here right now, but YOU are!” Listen to what this means for you.
Segment 3: The Importance of Sensory Specificity for Your Transformation We’ve heard before that we need to change the “blueprints” of our subconscious mind, but nobody explained it to me the way Pete does on this segment. He promises that we will be transformed by the “renewal of our minds,” which The Formula shows you how to accomplish.

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