Feb 18, Arlene Weintraub: Vital Role of Dogs in Finding/Healing Cancer – Emotional Pro

February 20th, 2016

Some dogs possess the remarkable ability to sniff out early stage cancerous tumors, “diagnosing” the illness in someone they love. Dogs also suffer many of the same cancers we humans suffer, such as breast cancer and FinalHealCover-191x300lymphoma. Dogs, then, may possess some very important keys in helping us all detect, and heal cancer—in themselves and in their human companions. Arlene Weintraub shares her research, her personal journey, and her appreciation of how man’s best friend participates in finding and healing cancer.

Dogs and humans are unique, says author Dr. Jeffrey Masson, in trusting their young with each other—across species lines! Dogs also, it turns out, share their lethal illnesses with humans. Wonderfully, we can help each other. I’m excited to hear some of the ways Arlene Weintraub has discovered dogs help humans detect and learn to heal cancer. Click here to visit Arlene Weintraub’s website!

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