Dec. 20 Radio Show: No Problem! Focus on Solutions – Emotional Pro

December 19th, 2012

Recently, my husband and I have been going through boxes and boxes of books, collected during our previous marriages and the upbringing of our children. All of us having held interest in personal growth, we have a plethora of “How To….” books!  Like you, perhaps, I’ve been wishing for someone to go through all those “how to” books and distill the messages into a form I can actually grasp and use. That’s what librarian Elizabeth Hanley has done for us! She’s combed through 200 self-help books and distilled their wisdom and suggestions down to a single volume. We have the opportunity to benefit from her labors as she talks about “How to Focus on Solutions” with me. She draws from Steven Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, and a host of classical self-help authors, drawing out the common essential truths.

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