Dec 10, Bryan Hubbard & Lynne McTaggart: What Doctors Don’t Tell You – Emotional Pro

December 12th, 2015

Lynne_BryanLynne McTaggart realized that patients are more likely to get better when put in charge of their own decision-making! In 1989, following efforts to deal with her own health problems, she and her husband, Bryan Hubbard, began a magazine in England, which they called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.” This year, they are expanding with an American version. If a doctor offers a procedure to you, do you know how likely it is to work, how safe it is, and how well proven? Bryan and Lynne believe that all patients have an absolute right to full information about any treatment being proposed. In their magazine, they seek to offer an even-handed examination of regular medical treatments and alternative medical treatments, helping to inform you, the “medical consumer” about the efficacy of treatments, as well as what really works, and what has been shown not to work, especially when dealing with chronic illnesses.

How Much Responsibility Do You Have for Your Health? Lynne and Bryan value doctors and the things they do, the skills and knowledge they share. They also realize that doctors have a way of speaking about illness that most people don’t understand. When it comes to chronic illness, in particular, modern medicine doesn’t really have cures. And doctors don’t always explain what the treatments being ordered are all about, what patients can expect, or what else may be available for treatments. As they expand their magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You to the US, we visit with them to hear the scope of this issue and things they’ve been discovering. Do join us! 

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