Sept 24, Live Report on Dr. Eric Pearl's Reconnective Healing – Emotional Pro

September 24th, 2015

Eric PearlWhen Dr. Eric Pearl appeared to talk about the exciting new developments in his “Reconnective Healing” the end of July, he graciously invited me to attend, as his guest, the training being offered in Los Angeles in mid-September. He Reconnection Dr Eric Pearlrequested that I give you a report of what I learn, what I hear from others, and how people are using the healing. So, I’ve decided to do that with you on this show. Eric Pearl is creating a worldwide sensation with the approach to healing that has been given to him. It’s something each of us can do. I’m excited to share all that I gathered when I attended his class. Thanks, Dr. Pearl!

I’m so excited about all the amazing abilities and knowledge being made available to us these days. We’re now able to converse with our unborn child, relieve people of erroneous beliefs with the power of our own minds and hearts, and heal from a distance! There is more. With this program, I am privileged to hear about these cutting-edge developments from their earliest beginnings. This week, I’ll let you hear from people who are learning to do profound healing, as developed by Dr. Eric Pearl. I’ll share my own experience, as well. Join me. Click here to visit Dr. Eric Pearl’s website!

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