Conscious Dating with David Steele, M.A., M.F.T. – Emotional Pro

September 6th, 2005

Did you ever hear a newly-divorced person talk about how s/he dreaded going back to "dating"? Most people find dating very difficult and bewildering, certainly not satisfying. What if "dating" were an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to grow emotionally, personally and spiritually? What would happen to authenticity, satisfaction and depth of relationship? That's what we discuss with guest David Steele, author of "Conscious Dating."

Segment 1: The Problems with Dating
David Steele talks about how the "nature of dating" has changed and the impact it has had on people who are currently single. Viewing each of us as the "Pioneer of Our Life," David talks about dating traps, why dating (as we know it) doesn't work, and what motivated him (personally and professionally) to write "Conscious Dating."

Segment 2: Love and the Four Steps of Dating!
David tells us that Conscious Dating allows us to balance our head with our heart, so that our head can help our heart to get what it wants! Hear him explain what is and is not successful in finding love with a partner, how to work with "requirements," and why being single and dating can be seen and worked with as an "opportunity."

Segment 3: Becoming "The Chooser" and Other Principles
David Steele lists 10 "Principles for Conscious Dating" in his book, "Conscious Dating." In this segment, he discusses the importance of 1) Knowing Who You Are and What You Want, 2) committing yourself to being "The Chooser" (in dating and in life) and 3) the role of your personal Support Community in being "successfully single." Ilene challenges David about just how "conscious" a person can be BEFORE being in a relationship.

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