Courtney Macavinta on Boundaries, Respect and Teen Sex – Emotional Pro

September 13th, 2005

If you feel disrespected–by yourself, your dates, your parents, teachers or your world–life is not so easy to live. Authors Courtney Macavinta and Andrea Vander Pluym (Respect: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Respect & Dealing When Your Line is Crossed)draw from information given by hundreds of teen girls. Macavinta guests to talk about boundaries and respect related to sex, sexual choices, and sexual behaviors among teen girls. Looking at how things "begin" gives perspective to what older women experience, a key understanding for our "Month of Intimate Relationships."

Segment 1: Respect and Boundaries: What’s It All About?
"Respect," says Courtney Macavinta, "is about having someone who listens to you and values you; self-respect is about doing this for yourself." Courtney explains "The 7 Respect Basics," and enters into a discussion of how respect and boundaries are equally important for teen boys.

Segment 2: Sexual Choices and Learning to Listen to Your Gut
Being sexual with someone is all about letting someone into your personal space. "Teen (girls) need to be in charge of this," says Courtney. We discuss the importance of knowing the emotional risks of letting another person into your personal space, about boys and girls experiencing pressure to participate in sex, and about how to deal with making mistakes.

Segment 3: Putting the Media into Perspective and Family Respect

Elective plastic surgery for teen girls is on a phenomenal rise, a result of messages girls get through the media that to be acceptable, one must have a perfect body. Courtney talks about how girls can reduce the effect of the media and tells a bit about how to hold a "Media Critic Party." And what if a girl’s family doesn’t practice respect, what can she do to feel more respected and also help her family?

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