Can You Turn A Complaint Into A Gift, and Make Millions? – Emotional Pro

March 8th, 2007

3/8/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Most people in business really dislike getting complaints. They learn to work with them, ease the customer through their upset; but most don’t really like them. But what if complaints are really a gift that help us improve our business, connect more deeply with our customers and learn? We’re discussing how to do just that on this show!
Complaints Assure Your Customers Haven’t Given Up On You
Nobody wants to experience the blame that is associated with complaints, yet when your customers stop complaining, it likely means they have given up on you! Hear Janelle’s explanation of the 4 Clusters of complaint behavior, and how one woman went from being a “Voicer” to an “Activist” as the result of a seriously undervalued complaint about crumpled shoulder pads!
Does Purchasing a Product or Service Imply a Promise?
Why do we get disgruntled when our complaints are not welcomed? Janelle talks about the implication, when we do business with a company, that we have been made a promise, and how “unfair” it seems when that promise is not kept! Janelle gives an easy (to say, not always to do) step for truly conveying that a customer’s complaint is a gift as she talks about “The Gift Formula.” These methods can be used successfully in families, too!
Complaint Handling is Marketing and Sales
Janelle discusses her hope that A Complaint is A Gift will transform our world! This could happen the more businesses realize that welcoming complaints is a perfect–an ultimately not very expensive–marketing and sales opportunity, illustrating with the story of how British Airways profited from proactively embracing complaints.

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