July 11: In La Kesh: A Spiritual Journey of Discovery, with Libby Outlaw – Emotional Pro

July 11th, 2013

Our times are bringing us to the awareness that we are all connected. It is only fitting that we feature an author whose novel links a 21st century Mayan scholar with a “sister” from 165 BC, telling the story of what happened when both embarked on dramatic spiritual pilgrimages across Mayaland, in what is today’s Mexico. Rejecting the fear and rigid beliefs of their tribe and family, both travel through the Yucatan, finding a new way to thrive in their deconstructing worlds, guided by the legacies of their wise woman grandmothers. Libby is a wonderful storyteller. We’ll be talking about the profound, multi-generational spiritual guide that comes from her own deep spiritual and ceremonial experiences while traveling in Mexico that she has included within the story of In La Kesh.

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