July 25, Sally Ooms and "Finding Home: How Americans Prevail Over Displacement" – Emotional Pro

July 25th, 2013

By the time I was 17 years old, I had lived in 16 different homes. My father was in the military, and there was order and structure in the process. Still, it was a challenge. Every place I moved, I felt displaced and had to establish myself and my energy in my new environment. What about vets, foster kids, single moms, laid off workers, retirees and small business owners? Our society hands them “problems” to solve on an everyday basis. ?So what is a home? It is not just a physical dwelling. For some, home means being part of a heritage or tradition; for others it signifies a spiritual space. Sometimes it is a place found only in the mind, or in the heart. For a few, home simply means feeling right within one’s own skin.  Finding Home is a book about people who are searching for, or trying to keep, a home, and about people who have come off their center and how they have righted themselves. Sally Ooms has discovered that such people are doing more than just coping. They are innovators in their own lives. Join me for this deep look at how Americans prevail over displacement.

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