Jan 14, Tom Bird: Write/Right From God – Emotional Pro

January 14th, 2016

tombird-300x403When You Write, Are You Channeling? Some people claim all creativity is “channeling.” Perhaps writing is. When Tom Bird says you can write a best-selling book in a single weekend, by quieting your Left Brain and allowing that Right-from-God-1a-217x300“something larger” than yourself to give you the words, are you game to find out if it will work for you? I am. So I’m talking with Tom on Thursday to learn his approach. Especially if you’ve always felt you’ve got a book inside of you, listen. If you’re creative—listen. If you’re curious, listen!  

I actually wrote a book in a weekend. Just to see if I could do it. I did not, however, see it as part of my path to Spiritual Self-Discovery, so when Tom Bird came along talking about writing your book in a weekend as “the ultimate spiritual experience,” I just HAD to investigate! Mine wasn’t a “best seller,” either. I figure I have a lot to learn. Tom Bird is just likely to hold the key for me. Do you have a book inside of you? Most of us do! Let’s find out how Tom says we can temporarily put our left brain to sleep, and crank out our best-seller in a weekend!

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