Shirley Sanders, Sessy’s Journey: 60 Years and Three Generations of Wisdom – Emotional Pro

June 19th, 2014

Shirley Sanders

When I called Shirley Sanders to ask her if she would like to appear on this show, she was giddy and happy. She was turning 83 the following Sessy's Journey Bookday; and she’d just returned from a very successful book signing for her very first book, “Sessy’s Journey, 60 Years and three
Generations of Wisdom”
. I heard about Shirley from a friend. The life she has lived could not have been foretold by her humble agrarian beginning. Mother of seven children (six of whom are no longer living) gave rise to her also being mother to some of her grandchildren! And along the way, she earned a Ph.D. and did a lot of good in this world. I want you to listen to Shirley and me talk and be inspired for your whole life! Click to visit Shirley’s site.

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